B2C Ecommerce in Western Europe Will Grow by Over 12% in 2011, to Reach $235 Billion

According to the « Western Europe B2C Ecommerce » report published this summer by eMarketer, Western European Ecommerce market will continue strong growth in 2011 to reach $ 235 billion.
Among the key findings, the report highlights that:
The UK is by far the largest online retail market accounting for 43% of Western European internet sales in 2011.
• Germany is Europe’s second-largest ecommerce market.
• In 2011, the number of online buyers in Western Europe is nearing 138 million.
• The penetration rate of online buyers varies widely:
» In the UK, Germany and France nearly 3/4 of the online population has made a purchase online in the past year.
» However, rates of online purchasing are much lower in Spain (55%) and Italy (39%). According to Karin von Abrams, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report: “one reason is that Italy, like Spain, has no strong tradition of catalog-based home shopping, whereas France and Germany do. As a result, most consumers in Italy are not familiar with evaluating goods based on photos, or ordering and paying for items days before they are delivered”.

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