US: Mobile devices account for 23% of online time spent

The MultiMedia Mentor research from GfK confirm that people are spending more time accessing the internet from a variety of non-PC connected devices.

According to this new GfK analysis, mobile devices now account for nearly a quarter (23%) of total time spent with the Internet, compared to 15% in 2011:
Mobile phones account for 17% of online time spent with the internet, compared to 12% in 2011,
Tablets account for 6% of online time – double the 2011 figure of 3%;
› Internet TVs also doubled, from 2% of online time in 2011 to 4% this year;
› Desktop and laptop computers, by contrast, have dropped off considerably, representing 73% of Internet time, compared to 83% a year ago.

However, despite the fact that consumers increasingly rely on smartphones as a major source of Internet access, yet it attract only 1% of total media advertising spending.

This discrepancy between consumer behavior and advertising spending is promising for the business on mobile devices.

About the Data: The GfK findings are from MultiMedia Mentor, which tracks use of 8 major media, and are based on interviews with 2,616 members of KnowledgePanel. Interviewing for the latest wave of Mentor data was conducted between February and July 2012 with US panel members aged 13 to 64.

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