Online and TV more effective together than a TV ad alone

The recent survey issued by the IAB, titled “A Comprehensive Picture of Digital Video and TV Advertising: Viewing, Budget Share Shift and Effectiveness”, shows that the combination of digital advertising and television commercials was found to be a particularly potent mix. Moreover, the research reveals that the sequence of exposure matters. Indeed, prior exposure to a digital advertising (display banner or video ad) enhances the impact of the TV exposure.

To read the complete survey, click here.

Greater impact with online video ad prior to TV

Research demonstrated that planning and running video ads online prior to TV boosts all key brand effect metrics for the same ad playing on TV :
» General recall is 15% higher;
» Brand recall is 33% higher;
» Message recall is 45% higher;
» Likeability is 40% higher.

Greater impact with banner ad prior to TV

There were similar gains when it came to online display ads:
» General recall is 20% higher;
» Brand recall is 25% higher;
» Message recall is 40% higher;
» Likeability is 27% higher.

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