Hi-media’s Allopass Payment Service Further Expands in the US

We’re excited to announce that we’ve established a San Francisco office to bring our Allopass micropayments platform to the North American market. The micropayments space is certainly crowded, but we’ve got more opportunities for merchants than ever before!

– We offer a platform that can not only bill to a mobile phone but credit cards, ISPs, home phones, prepaid cards and more.

– We’ve also got nearly ten years behind us in the space, currently processing more than 8 million transactions a month globally.

– We’re the only payments provider that offers merchant payments within 7-10 days of a transaction.

– We are the only company that can provide online advertising reach and mobile payments under one roof – through synergistic opportunities with other Hi-media businesses.

Some of our initial US customers that we announced today include: Artix Entertainment, Boomerang Networks, Gambit, gWallet, Merscom Games, OLX, Peanut Labs, Quepasa, Sometrics, Sonico, TheBroth, Viwawa, Viximo, and Wadja. Check out our blog for many more partners to be announced soon!

You can read the full release here and be sure to check the News coverage of our US launch as well!

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