Hi-media USA CEO Pooj Preena heads to LA for Digital Hollywood – Wed, May 5th

Pooj Preena will join a panel of his peers to discuss trends shaping digital content monetization and distribution.

From music, video and streaming media (including the ever more popular user generated content) to games, photos and research / legal documents – experts are coming together to discuss how they monetize – or help other companies to monetize – digital content today.

In a panel session titled “Models for Change: Experimenting with Subscriptions, Pay Walls, Display and Search Advertising, Syndication, Live Events and the Brand Extension Opportunities”, the group will also explore the newest and most effective syndication and monetization models for delivering content over the Web and onto the hottest new devices.

On the distribution side, panelists will look at opportunities and innovations in digital delivery channels for selling and monetizing digital content – including social media, social networking sites and new devices like the iPad and over-the-top video devices. Panelists will examine how consumers are finding and purchasing content – citing examples like YouTube, iTunes/App Store and Netflix, which have demonstrated that breadth of selection improves the customer experience and generates demand for content – and discuss which players across the value chain will come together to improve this experience and how.

On the marketing and merchandising side, panelists will review opportunities to improve monetization potential and increase user engagement. From display advertising, which has seen the introduction of new ad sizes, richer media, and more intrusive delivery types – to alternative payment types that reach a global audience – panelists will divulge their views on what will help brands and content publishers move “beyond the banner” and into the next realm of digital media marketing.

We hope you can join us in what is sure to be a highly energized and informative discussion – Wednesday, May 5th from 3:50-5:00pm at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

Follow this link to the panel description and speaker bios:

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