Online Gaming Study: Gamescrunch and Hi-media Payments provide a worldwide overview of the online gaming market

The “Online Gaming Segmentation & Companies Mapping” study, produced by GamesCrunch and Hi-Media payments gathers all of the information relative to online gaming within one exhaustive database: market segmentation, main actors, business models, market trends etc.

Hi-media Payments and GamesCrunch strove to segment this market that is forecasted to represent revenues of $8.2 billion in 2010 (+32% relative to 2009). The study presents and analyses the activities of the main actors in the online gaming industry, based on several criteria: number of employees, year of creation, main games and associated business models…

This quantitative analysis is enhanced with the views of the online gaming actors. Using the statements that they collected, Hi-media Payments and GamesCrunch have identified and plotted the market’s major trends, the various existing economic models and the key success factors.

The study describes an online gaming industry that is constantly changing. The market is now more diversified than ever: over and above the technology-driven developments, the industry is constantly adapting to the evolving behaviour of web surfers. As such, online games have integrated the viral and social community dimensions that have developed through social networks.

While becoming more diversified, accessible and social, the online gaming industry has also become more competitive, resulting in an evolution of business models towards the Freemium model that is now becoming more generalized. This has resulted in an increase in the number of free online games offering payment-based options that can be acquired via micro-payment platforms.

Marketed by Hi-media Payments and GamesCrunch, the study will be updated on a regular basis. For more information:

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