Mobile: The Best Channel for Providing Response to Advertising, finds MMA study

According to a recent research which was carried out in the U.K., France and Germany by Lightspeed Research for the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), marketers must include a mobile response channel if they want to maximize response from ads in any media.

In fact, the survey reveals some interesting results that show how advertising can be effective to increase consumers’ engagement when it is used with mobile:
– On average, 25% of consumers (31% UK, 24% France and 20% Germany) felt that they would be more likely to respond to advertising that included mobile response.
– Sending a keyword via SMS to a shortcode was the most popular method of response.

Besides Western Europe, this key benefit of mobile advertising has also been proved in the US.
In fact, another survey released in June 2010 by the MMA and its official research partner, Luth Research titled “U.S. Mobile Consumer Briefing”, found that 60% of US adult consumers have noticed ads that include a mobile response as an option.

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