M-Banking & M-Commerce increases, finds KPMG study

In this 4th edition of the study titled “Consumers and Convergence” conducted across 22 countries, KPMG study analyzes how, in a more converging market, consumer behavior has evolved, how consumers integrate internet and mobile technologies into their daily lives and what the future market implications of these changes might be.
3 interesting trends that have been highlighted in this year’s survey and are worthy of mention are:
-The rise of M-banking:
Nearly half (46%) of global consumers said they had conducted banking transactions with their mobile devices in 2010.
-The growth of M-commerce:
28% of the consumers have used their mobiles to buy online in 2010, nearly three times as many as in 2008 (10%).
-The consumers’ increased willingness to pay for specific content:
22% of BRIC mobile users say they are willing to pay for an entire site’s content, compared to only 8% of G7 mobile users.

However, there are some regional differences. In fact, ASPAC consumers lead the way in almost every category in preferring their mobile phones to using a PC. For instance, 44% of consumers in China indicated they have made mobile purchases in 2010, versus only 11% in France.

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