Internet: the Primary Media for Online Users

The Study “Digital Life” conducted by custom research agency TNS, covers nearly 90% of the world’s online population by 50,000 interviews with consumers in 46 countries and reveals major changes in the world’s online behaviour.

Among key findings, 2 of them highlight that the Internet attracts a more connected and engaged audience:
– The study reveals that digital is the primary media channel for online users: 61% of online users use the internet daily, compared to 54% for TV, 36% for Radio and 32% for Newspapers.

– Social media is overtaking email in weekly usage: the online population is spending more time on social networking sites than checking their emails, with a weekly average of 4.6 hours compared to 4.4 hours per week on email. Despite the highest volume of usage, SocNets attract much lower daily users than email with 46% of users accessing social networks daily as opposed to 76% on email.

Details of these 2 key findings are available here:Hi-media Blog TNS Digital Life
Otherwise, core data from the study is available via a dedicated website:

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