European Online Christmas sales should represent 10.3% of total Christmas sales

In total, European Christmas sales are forecast to hit €313 billion in 2010, and €32 billion is expected to be spent online which will represent 10.3% of global sales during this holiday season. As a percentage of total Christmas sales, online consumers in the UK (16.8%) and Germany (12.7%) will be the biggest spenders.
The study highlights the trend towards growing use of Internet at the expense of traditional channels, with online sales in Europe driving retail sector growth this year:
– According to the report, offline Christmas sales are actually expected to fall by 1.4% to a total of €280.9bn in 2010, compared to €284.9bn in 2009.
Online Christmas sales, on the other hand, are expected to rise by 25.1% in 2010 to a total of €32.1bn, compared to €25.7bn in 2009.

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