Mobile phones are set to become the channel of the future (“El Publicista”)

Earlier this month, El Publicista, one of the most important publishing houses in the sector, published issue 232 dedicated to Social Media, a medium which, according to a statement made by Javier Navarro – President of IAB Spain -, “is set to become one of the channels that attracts greatest investment in 2011″.

Part of issue 232 comprises data reviewed by the MMA on investment in Mobile Marketing in Spain. It undoubtedly represents unstaked territory for advertising, offering extensive possibilities for growth, a fact that has been made clear by the levels of investment over the last few months. Investments are speeding up and, along with Social Media, Mobile Marketing may well turn out to be one of the revolutions of 2011.

Nevertheless, we are talking about a discipline that, as is often the case with all beginnings, has given rise to a series of controversies and debates in the sector and between users themselves. Thanks to these mobile devices direct conversation –a very fitting description here– with final users is possible, and these, conscious of the fact that their privacy may be invaded, are still showing a certain degree of resistance to the difference that makes this channel stand out from the rest: the use of GPS for the purposes of advertising.

To address the impact that the arrival of Internet to mobiles and tablets has had on the way advertising is understood, El Publicista counts on the collaboration of Pedro Menéndez, in charge of Products for Hi-media Mobile, among other professionals of the sector.

Click here  to get preview of issue 232 of El Publicista.

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