The Netherlands leads the way in Europe in terms of online visiting frequency

In September 2010, each user made an average of 78.2 visits. These were the findings of the comScore Media Metrix. Dutch internet users also displayed a great deal of involvement, and clocked up 31.9 online hours per user in September 2010. Users spent most of their time on portals (7.2 hours), followed by instant messaging (6.9 hours), social network sites (3.5 hours) and e-mail (3.1 hours).
In September 2010, European internet users aged 15 years and older accessed the internet an average of 58.9 times. In this category, The Netherlands scored the highest with 78.2 visits per user, which was almost 20 visits a month higher than the European average. The United Kingdom was in second place with 71.3 visits per user, followed by France (68.4 visits per user) and Spain (63.7 visits per user).
The 11.9 million internet users in The Netherlands aged 6 years and older were online for an average of 31.9 hours in September 2010. Web portals were the most popular activity, with an average of 7.2 hours.

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