74% of users of Micropayment in Europe choose alternative payment methods to bank cards

On the special event on December 7, 2010, dedicated to Micropayment, Hi-media has revealed the complete results of its Observatory conducted by Harris Interactive.
The “Hi-media Micropayment Observatory” involved a sample of 5,000 Internet users in Europe (France, Germany, Spain and the UK) and the United States. The study highlights 7 points to note on the use of micropayment:
1. Micropayment is used on average by 40% of Internet users, whether European ou American.
2. Among users of Micropayment, 74% of Europeans choose an alternative payment method to bank cards for their online purchases for an amount totaling under €10.
3. With 56% of prompted awareness, Allopass distinguishes itself for French users and is ranked as the 2nd Micropayment solution in spontaneous and prompted awareness.
4. Micropayment is very appreciated by users and has a very good image: speed, straightforwardness and usefulness are the 3 key advantages of Micropayment whatever the country.
5. More than 75% of European micropayment users, and nearly 70% of American users recommend micropayment solutions to friends and family.
6. Micropayment is particularly popular among Internet users for online music and games.
7. Micropayment has potential for growth, particularly in online media information.

For the complete study, please click on the following link: The Hi-media Micropayment Observatory 2010

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