Online ad spend in the United States will Overtake Newspapers this year, according to eMarketer

According to new estimates from eMarketer released yesterday, advertisers, this year, for the first time, will have spent more on Internet ads than on print newspaper ads in the United States. The digital-marketing research firm says U.S. spending on online ads will hit $25.8 billion, surpassing the $22.8 billion spent on print ads in newspapers.

eMarketer’s projections for online ad spending in the U.S. compare with some of the forecasts that have come in December 2010 is a bit more optimistic than forecasts from Zenith Optimedia expecting U.S. online ad spending will overtake newspapers in 2012.

However, the latest figure highlighted by eMarketer reveals one more time how Internet is still rapidly increasing its market share due the importance of the internet to advertisers. In fact, global Internet ad spend will bypass Newspapers in the next coming years depending on the sources:
Group M predicts worldwide online ad spending will overtake newspaper advertising spending in 2012.
• According to Magna, global online ad spend will surpass newspapers one year later in 2013.
• While ZenithOptimedia expects global online ad spend to eclipse newspapers by 2014.

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