Good news! A new means of payment to be launched in France!
The Hi Media Payments teams are thrilled at the idea of being in a position to distribute this solution to their clients in addition to the many other payment means the Allopass Platform offers in close on 80 countries.
France’s mobile telephone operators have decided to set up a common interoperable system along the lines of Internet+. The Internet+ system in France can be used to debit online purchases by Internet subscribers authenticated by their ISP. Buyster will offer the same service to mobile phone users authenticated by their operator. Just as Allopass has been making the Internet+ solution available to its clients over the past few years, now it will be able to roll out Buyster to clients.

Every launch of a new means of payment gives an added boost to the growth of the electronic payment market. We have seen this rule hold good since 2003: the more diversified and easy to use the means of payment on offer, the more Internet users consume and buy online.

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