iPad users prefer advertising rather than paid content (USA)

American research has shown that 86 percent of iPad users want to view advertising in order to receive content free of charge.

An investigation by Knowledge Networks indicates that they prefer to do this rather than pay for paid content. In practice, it appears that iPad users download around 24 apps, of which around a quarter are paid for .
The results were a surprise to Knowledge Networks because people assumed that iPad users liked to pay for content. The article also stated that the search feature is the most commonly used function on the iPad, with 97 percent of users in the investigation regularly using the Google search engine, while e-mail came a close second with 91 percent.
Of all respondents, 14 percent were prepared to pay extra for an app of a newspaper they already owned in printed form, while 12 percent stated that they wanted to pay a small fee. Only 1 percent was prepared to pay the same price for an iPad app as for a print edition of a magazine.

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