Hi-media Payments: Allopass, compliant with all virtual currencies

A proprietary technology dedicated to the online video game market

Hi-media Payments, the leading ePayment business unit of Paris based Hi-media Group announced that it has launched a new Allopass script dedicated to virtual currencies.

Virtual currencies, a growing market!

Virtual currencies usage recently strongly grew on Asian, US and European gaming platforms. They allow these platforms to manage with high flexibility their community and to implement “freemium” business models which mix a free user experience and a premium part inside the game scenario.
This market, which already worth several billions of dollars worldwide, represents a huge market opportunity and Hi-media Payments intends to continue to accompany its clients in this specific segment.

A “plug and play” proprietary technology

Thanks to its new optimization algorithm, Allopass is now able to automatically generate the most accurate price points and method of payments in a given geographical area and targeted audience in order to optimize the purchase of virtual currencies on online gaming platforms.
Hi-media Payments also implemented a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) in its solution to enable the publishers to closely monitor the users gaming habits and thus optimize their client relationships.

  • Hi-media Payments will launch its VCS solution (Virtual Currency Script) during the Casual Connect Conference in Hamburg from 8th to 10th
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