About 70% of all European Gamers Play Some Type of Casual Game

According to Newzoo’s National Gamers Surveys 2010, about 70% of all European gamers and about 90% of US gamers play casual games on a gaming portal, social network or mobile device.

On average, online casual game destinations reach two-thirds of the online audience. For instance, in the US, 66% of online users play casual games.

This study shows, as many reports, the impact of gaming on social networks and mobile devices on the total number of “casual” gamers. It also highlights a significant overlap between the individual platforms. Consumers choose their platform depending on time of day, location and social setting. People who play on all three platforms are becoming more numerous and are now about a third of all casual gamers.

For more info, please click on the following link: http://www.newzoo.com/ENG/1577-Casual_Gaming_(2010).html

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