43% of Marketers Use Mobile Marketing Tactics

Unica’s annual survey of marketers titled “The State of Marketing 2011” reveals that mobile marketing adoption continues to grow. Over 40% of European and American marketers surveyed already conduct some type of mobile marketing. For marketers already embracing mobile, mobile applications is the most popular mobile marketing tactic with 44% of respondents indicating that they currently have mobile apps followed by mobile sites (40%) and mobile messaging (36%).

This increasing trend of mobile marketing is also highlighted in the last figures released by the IAB in the UK. Indeed, spending on mobile advertising in the U.K. more than doubled in 2010 (+116%), reaching £83 million, according to the IAB and PwC.

To view the complete Unica’s survey results, please click on the following link: http://bit.ly/ez9A2Z

About the Unica’s survey : 279 online and direct marketing professionals participated in Unica’s Annual Marketing Survey; online surveys were completed in Q4 2010 within 2 geographic regions among Unica customers and prospective customers (North America represents respondents from the U.S. & Canada. Europe represents respondents from 8 European countries that are large technology markets).

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