Online Video Ad Spend Continues to Grow Exponentially

Online advertising spending is expected to continue its growth.
According to the last IAB figures from the UK, online video advertising nearly doubled in 2010 in the UK (+91%) to £54 million (from £28 million in 2009).
In France, according to the figures released by the SRI, online video advertising spending nearly tripled to EUR30 million in 2010.

The increased spending on the online video format was also highlighted in a recent survey released by the IAB in the US titled “An Inside Look at Demand-Side Perceptions of Digital Video Advertising” examining the views of marketers and agencies. The study shows that online video spending will increase:
• 69% of marketers and 55% of agencies plan to increase their Digital Video Advertising (DVA), with a 22% growth predicted over the next 12 months.
• Those surveyed project they will spend 17% of their total online display advertising budget on digital video advertising in the next 12 months.

To download the survey “An Inside Look at Demand-Side Perceptions of Digital Video Advertising”, please click here

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