The Consumption of Digital News Proves to Be Well Established in France

• The consumption of news in the digital medium has now become a key element of daily life for print readers
During the first quarter of 2011, 42% of regular readers of print newspapers have downloaded or read news on the Internet, according to the third REC Barometer conducted by GfK France. The digital switchover is significant, whilst not being entirely exclusive. Only 11% of those who download or access the online press no longer use the print version.

• The consumption of digital press is also popular among internet users
According to figures from Médiamétrie/NetRatings, more than 60% of French Internet users have accessed general information and online news websites in March 2011, representing a daily audience of nearly 6.6 million users.

• The consumption of digital news is mainly free of charge, but consumers are willing to pay for online information
According to a Harris Interactive survey conducted in April 2011 for the SPM*, 13% of internet users have purchased digital news and 28% said they are willing to pay for online news in the future. The established use of the digital press has also been revealed in the Hi-media Micropayment Observatory, conducted also by Harris Interactive. The results showed that 21% of Internet users stated a willingness to pay for accessing certain types of online news and information content.

Please click here to download the complete results from “The Hi-media Micropayment Observatory”.

*(Press Magazine trade association – “Syndicat de la Presse Magazine”)

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