Mobile eCommerce Increases

As more consumers switch to smartphones, there are increasingly more options for global users to utilise their mobile device in order to purchase online.

In the US:
The study released in March 2011 by Oracle titled « Mobile Trends: Consumer Views of Mobile Shopping and Mobile Service Providers » highlights the increased use of mobile devices to purchase online. 29% of US consumers have made at least one purchase via a mobile phone in 2010</strong, more than double the number reported in November 2009.

Plenty of studies can confirm this ongoing trend. These include:
• The InMobi study conducted in March 2011 entitled « A Global Consumer Perspective on Mobile Shopping »; this showed that 35% of US consumers choose Mobile as their No.1 digital shopping tool, ahead of PC’s/laptops (16%).
• An Adobe survey¹ which has found that 62% of smartphone owners said that they have bought physical goods using their smartphone devices in the last six months.

Mobile commerce is also growing in Europe:
In France: 25% of mobile internet users have made at least one purchase using their mobile device².
In the UK: 23% of online adults consumers made a transaction using a mobile device in the last 12 months³.

Mobile shopping is much more accepted in emerging markets:
Mobile phones are used by 51% of shoppers in Brazil, 47% in Mexico and 41% in China*.

Much more than a communication tool, the mobile device is quickly becoming a distribution tool with a significant impact upon the retail sector.

Sources :
*The IBM report titled “Capitalising on the smarter consumer” was conducted among 30,624 consumers in 13 countries in October 2010.
¹ The Adobe Scene7 2010 Mobile Commerce Survey was conducted between July 6 and July 23, 2010. The results were compiled based on responses from 446 participants.
² The GroupM/SFR Régie survey titled « 3ème édition – Observatoire de l’Internet Mobile » was conducted between January 20-25, 2011 among 1,007 consumers (aged 16-65).
³The Mobile Transactions survey was conducted online within the US and Great Britain by Harris Interactive on behalf of Tealeaf Technology between February 9-11, 2011 among 2,469 U.S. adults ages 18+ and between February 9-14, 2011 among 2,228 Great Britain adults ages 16+.

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