Global Online Ad Spend: Forecast Revised Upwards

Even if all the advertising industry experts have recently lowered their revenue estimates for the global advertising market in 2011 for two main reasons, namely the earthquake in Japan and political issues in the Middle East. However, they all do agree that the recovery is gradually strengthening in 2011, with an average growth rate estimated at 5% for the overall advertising market.

However, (with the exception of ZenithOptimedia which released its new 2011 advertising expenditure forecasts yesterday), all the recent online ad spend growth predictions have been revised upwards in 2011. Alongside this, the internet is estimated to be the medium which should register the highest growth rate in 2011 with an average global growth rate of 15%.
The main predicted drivers of online growth will be:
• increased advertising formats, mainly video.
• multiplicity of channels, such as social media and mobile.
• increased use of targeted campaigns, such as retargeting and local advertising.

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