US: Online Video Is Becoming An Increasingly Important Part Of The Overall Entertainment Mix For Consumers

New research conducted in April 2011, by Frank N. Magid Associates and Metacafe, has clearly revealed the importance of the computer as a tool for entertainment and how online video is becoming an entertainment genre in its own right.

According to the study, the PC/laptop is described by over 60% of online users as the single media platform they “can’t live without” beating television:
• 63% of US online users say they « can’t live without » their laptop or desktop PCs.
• 60% said the same about their TV.
• 31% said the same about their mobile device.

Amongst the findings, the study also highlighted the importance of online video for a young male audience. In fact, American young men video viewers favour a computer over television as their primary entertainment device:
• 39% of male online viewers aged 18-34 consider the laptop/PC their primary medium for entertainment,
• compared to 28% citing the television and 14% citing a video game console.

To conclude, online video is big, getting bigger and is gradually changing not only the entertainment landscape but also the media landscape.

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