US: More than 9 of 10 Media Executives Predict Digital Revenue Will Rise This Year

According to KPMG’s annual Communications and Media Industry Business Climate Survey. 94% of media executives in the US expect an increase in digital revenue in 2011. Of those surveyed, 37% expect their companies to grow digital revenue by more than 10%.

Optimism for digital and combined revenues is picking up among media executives according to KPMG which is in line with other forecasters such as:
• eMarketer which predicts that the US online ad spending will grow 20.2% in 2011,
• MAGNAGLOBAL expects a 15.6% rise,
• IDC forecasts an increase of 13.6%,
• ZenithOptimedia predicts growth of 12.6% .

Note: The KPMG survey was conducted in the U.S. in May-June – 2011 and reflects the responses of 101 primarily C-level and senior executives at communications and media companies. Of the 101 respondents, 66 percent are in companies with revenues exceeding $1 billion and 34 percent are companies with revenues in the $100 million-$1 billion range.

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