Internet: The Most Influential Medium For Reaching Gamers

According to a recent UK survey conducted in July 2011 by YouGov, the Internet is the most important channel for users keen to learn about, research and purchase new game titles.

Some of the key findings from this report are highlighted below. At every stage, Internet plays the starring role:
1. To learn about new games:
Internet is the biggest source of information about new game releases
» 53% cited that they heard about new games online, versus 15% citing TV.

2. To research new games:
Internet is the main source used for researching games to purchase
» 73% of gamers interviewed put online as the top source for game research before making a purchase decision.

3. To purchase games
Internet is also the dominant purchase channel
» 56% of gamers said that buying physical copies online is their most common method of purchasing games, compared to only 32% who do so from high street retailers.

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