US: Digital Entertainment Downloads are on the Rise Among Kids

The latest report from the NPD Group titled “Kids and Entertainment Content, 2011 Edition”, reveals American kids (aged 2-14) have become increasingly dependent on downloadable digital content.

The research shows that the amount spent on entertainment content by kids has increased over the last two years on digital forms at the expense of physical forms.
For the majority of kids, entertainment content is still acquired in a physical format, digitally acquired content has grown substantially over the last two years at 6 points. Indeed, 21% of their entertainment spending was on digital content this year, compared to 15% in 2009 (79% via physical forms).

This shift from physical to digital content is set to continue due to the fact that kids are accustomed to interacting with technology, thus they would rather opt for digital forms of entertainment than physical forms.

About the methodology:
An online survey was fielded in August 2011, to a representative sample of male and female adults age 18 and over who are members of NPD’s online panel and have children ages 2 to 14 in the household. Respondents with more than one child in the specified age range were instructed to answer for a randomly selected child. The study is based on 3,343 completed surveys

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