US: Online CPG Advertising Increases by 21% In-Stores Sales

Online CPG advertising has been growing in importance among marketers due to its ad effectiveness.
A new study, conducted over a two-year period, and published in October 2011 by comScore and dunnhumbyUSA, highlights this fact by indicating that exposure to online display ads can lead to improved in-store sales for CPG brands.

CPG campaigns register median offline sales lift of 21%
The study found that that there was a median 21% in-store sales lift among shoppers who had been exposed to online advertising for CPG brands compared to those who had not seen them. Approximately 70% of campaigns generated a double-digit sales lift.

Ads anonymously targeted to in-store brand buyers drive incremental conversion
The results showed an in-store sales lift of 42%, double the lift from campaigns that were not targeted using this approach.
These results demonstrate how targeting algorithms can help improve efficiency and effectiveness in display ad delivery, providing more relevant ads to consumers, improved ROI for advertisers and higher CPMs for publishers.

However it is important to note that the use of traditional media for CPG brands will still be prevalent for a couple of decades from now, but digital media, which is increasingly proving its value, will take a growing share of CPG ad spending in the coming years.

The press release is available for download here

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