Pre-Roll : Top Video Ad Format in 2011 and in 2012

Online video has reached a critical mass amongst internet users. Indeed, according to comScore in october 2011, 89% of Spanish internet users and 87% of French internet users watched at least one video online during the month.
With a such sizeable audience, advertisers are spending more money in online video ads, and more particularly in pre-roll ad which is the most used video ad format:
• In France, pre-roll represents ¾ of the online video inventory (Source: Aegis Media Solutions, November 2011).
• In the US, pre-roll accounts for more than 90% of the total video impressions served (Source: YuMe, Q1 and Q2 video metrics report).

Pre-roll will continue to be a favored video ad format in 2012. According to a study conducted by Break Media* 63% of US advertising decision-makers plan to place pre-roll ads in 2012.

*“Digital Video Advertising Trends 2012”, December 2011

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