The British Are the Biggest Mobile Shoppers in Europe

According to a new study commissioned by Kelkoo and conducted by the Centre for Retail Research, European online shoppers are expected to increase their spending by 510% between 2010 and 2012. The report reveals that mobile shopping across Europe will increase from just €2.4bn in 2010 to €14.6bn by the end of 2012.

British will be the biggest mobile spenders in Europe followed by Germany ($4.2 billion) and France ($3 billion).

The study also found that shopping using mobile devices will become an increasingly important part of retail sales, set to represent 6.1% of all online retail spending in Europe in 2012. The UK is also expected to have the highest European proportion of all online spending using a mobile at 7.9%.

Mobile ecommerce spending (in billion) – Source: Center for Retail Research, january 2012:

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