US: Mobile Purchases Have Moved From 'Ringtones' to 'Physical Goods' in 2 Years

According to a report released this month by Javelin Strategy & Research*, consumer mobile purchasing behavior is shifting from “nice to have” purchases such as ringtones to “needs”. This reflects that consumers are finding more value in purchasing via mobile devices and highlights the rapid evolution of consumer confidence in the mobile channel over time.

In 2011, almost 3 times as many mobile consumers were willing to purchase higher‐value physical goods compared with 2009: 41% vs 14%.

Currently, the top mobile purchases are:
1. Physical goods: 41%
2. Music (35%)
3. Apps (34%).

* titled “Gang of Four (and Possibly Five) Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon – and PayPal: Positioning for Payments in the New Mobile‐Social Technology Era”

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