Worldwide: Internet to Become the Second-Biggest Advertising Medium After TV

Recent publications of global advertising forecasts confirm once again that the Internet is positioned as the fastest-growing medium in the coming years.

The Internet is expected to be the biggest contributor of new ad dollars to the global market. This strong momentum will position the Internet as the second-biggest advertising media globally, this year or at the latest next year, ahead of newspapers.
• This positioning is already achieved in 3 European countries (Germany, Sweden and the UK) and in the United States.

Its share of the ad market is expected to reach about 20% according to various sources.
• A market share threshold already achieved in 5 countries (Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and the UK) where Internet already accounts for more than 25% of total advertising expenditure.

Sources: MAGNAGLOBAL, December 2011; GroupM, July 2011; ZenithOptimedia, March 2012

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