426.9M Europeans Go Online Every Week

According to the 8th wave of the Mediascope Europe published in May 2012 by the IAB Europe, Europeans are more connected than ever before:
» 65% of Europeans go online every week which represent 426.9 million internet users spending 14.8 hours online each week.
» One third (37%) of them access the internet using more than one device.
» 64% of them access the web via a computer.
» 21% use the Internet on their mobile phone.

This study also reveals that traditional media activities are rapidly moving online:
» with 91% of European internet users visiting news websites,
» and 73% watching TV online.

Methodology: the research was conducted using a combination of online, telephone and face-to-face methodologies totalling over 50,000 interviews across 28 markets in Europe.

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