European Women Spend More Time than Men on Online Retail Sites

European women have been shown to drive the majority of engagement at online retail websites according to comScore’s overview of internet usage in May 2012. The study analysed by category the amount of time that European women spent on websites.

Amongst the top 5 sub-categories dominated by women in terms of share of time spent, 3 out of them are related to the retail category:
The Fragrance and Cosmetics retail sub-category came out on top. There women accounted for 70.9% of the total time spent on this sub-category.
• Next came Apparel retail websites, with female visits accounting for 66.8% of the total time spent in this sub-category.
Department store retail websites also had a high share of female engagement, who accounted for 64.9% of all time spent on this sub-category.

The figures, said ComScore, showcased “the gender’s penchant for online shopping in comparison to their male counterparts.”

About the data: the study from comScore discloses internet usage in 49 European markets aggregated into the European region and individual reporting on 18 markets

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