Digital’s Influence on Grocery Shopping is on the Rise

New findings from a Nielsen online survey provide insight into digital influences in grocery shopping behavior. According to this study titled “How Digital Influences How We Shop Around the World”, more than a quarter of European internet users said they planned to purchase food and beverage products via an online connected device in the next 3 to 6 months.

When thinking about grocery shopping, European internet users are engaged in many online activities:
• 55% used the Internet to conduct research and 65% of them purchase online grocery products every month.
• 43% search for deals online,
• 39% used the Internet to get information about a grocery product.

European online grocery shoppers reported a greater preference for online-only websites:
38% of European respondents said they most frequently purchase from online-only stores,
• 23% preferred sites that have traditional brick and mortar stores,
• 13% chose sites that also sell products through catalogs or over the phone,
• 10% favored sites that allow them to select products from many different online stores.

To download the complete study, please click here.

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