Hi-Media’s secure online payment HiPay, obtained iDEAL certificate in the Netherlands.

Hi-Media Payments, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hi-Media Group, announces HiPay’s -the electronic payment solution- iDEAL certification from the Currence, the independent organisation owning the uniform payment products in the Netherlands.

iDEAL is a standard payment method for making secure online payments directly between bank accounts. When an e-store offers iDEAL as a payment method, a direct link is established with the systems of customer’s bank. iDEAL is the most frequently offered payment method in the Netherlands. This payment method is accepted at more than 13,000 online stores, making it by far the most widely accepted payment method for online payment method. Meanwhile 47% of online shoppers paid for their most recent online purchase using iDEAL.

«This certificate is consistent with HiPay’s engagement to offer online merchants and publishers the most used local payment methods, in order to improve their websites’ conversion rate. » Cyril Zimmermann CEO Hi-Media group.

HiPay is a secure payment solution tailored to European payments. HiPay e-wallet offers the customers a safe and easy way to make online purchase, without providing any banking information. Customers are able to credit their account or pay with the most used payments methods in Europe. Since December 2008, HiPay received a European Electronic Money Issuer license from the National Bank of Belgium.

The press release is available for download, here.

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