The popularity of Android mobile devices around the world (Infographic)

Android is now the number one smartphone operating systems (OS) worldwide with a market share of 68.8% of all smartphone shipments during 2012 (Source: IDC).
Due to the dominance of Android, it will be interesting to know which country has the most unique models? What manufacturer dominates the market? Which country is more open to tablets?…

Handset Detection has published statistics that answer to all of these questions through an infographic. This study raises several important points in 7 countries (top 10 Android phones, top 10 screen resolutions, the number of unique devices in each country as well as the dominance of smartphones and tablets on the market).

Here are some interesting facts about Android usage worldwide:
• France has the highest percentage of Android tablets at 28%.
• The U.S. has the highest number of unique Android devices.

• The screen resolution of the most widely used around the world is over 480 x 800.
• The Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones is the most present.

To learn more about these statistics, click here to see the full infographic.

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