Société Générale signs partnership with HiPay

HiPay, the payment division of Hi-Media Group, announces the signature of a partnership with Société Générale.

As part of the launch of its product Yoban’tel, which offers the online transfer of money from Europe to Senegal, Société Générale chooses to join with HiPay Wallet, the electronic wallet of the Hi-Media group, for the collection of funds from 7 European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal).

Yoban’tel is an innovative solution which is directed to anyone who has a mobile telephone, regardless of whether they have a bank account or not. Money which is directly put into the Yoban’Tel account of the customer is accessible from their mobile telephone and can be used for different operations: withdrawing cash, paying bills, transferring money, buying telephone credit.

In order to put this measure into place, Société Générale has been supported by two interoperable partners, HiPay for incoming payments in Europe as well as electronic currency management and Obopay for making money available to the beneficiaries in Senegal via their mobile telephones.

The e-wallet HiPay Wallet allows its users to pay over the internet in a straightforward and secure way, without having to submit their bank details to the merchant site. The users of HiPay Wallet can credit their account and pay with the main European payment methods.
HiPay is authorized by the European Establishment of Electronic Currency in the principal countries of the European Union.

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