Mobile devices take up 47% of all screen time vs only 4% of global media ad spend

According to Millward Brown’s study AdReaction 2014: Marketing in the multiscreen world, daily time spent on mobile devices is now outpacing TV for the first time. This study explores the use, behaviour and receptivity to advertising of multiscreen users across 30 countries globally. Focusing on the four main screens of TVs, smartphones, tablets and laptops, AdReaction 2014 provides readers with an essential guide on the momentum of multiscreen use and the implications for brands.

According to the findings, the smartphone has emerged as the primary screen worldwide taking up 35% of daytime screen use. Globally, in 2013,  mobile devices (including tablet) accounted for 47% of all screen time daily, compared to only 4% of total media spend. This significant gap between time and money spent on mobile devices is promising for the business on mobile devices. Indeed, mobile ad spend is forecast to triple by 2016.


To find out more about multiscreen usage and behaviour, you can download the complete report or go to the website dedicated to the study.

The firm surveyed  more than 12,000 consumers across 30 countries, averaging 400 interviews per country. They interviewed 16-44 year old multiscreen users (defined as people who own or have access to both a TV and either a smartphone or tablet).


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