HiMedia Group signs deal with Perfect World

Chinese online gaming giant relies on HiMedia Group to develop its business in Europe

On the occasion of the Franco-Chinese Economic Forum taking place today in Paris, Perfect World Company announced that it has chosen to rely on HiMedia Group to support the development of its European office and the release of its award winning latest game Neverwinter in Europe.


Signature of the deal between Cyril Zimmermann (CEO of HiMedia Group)
and Xiao Wang (CEO of Perfect World)

Perfect World operates HiPay services in all Europe and on an exclusive base in France and Belgium.

Last year Perfect World implemented HiPay services in three new countries, Turkey, Italy and Poland and is always exploring new opportunities to expand.

Both companies share a common passion to bring the highest quality service localized solutions to their audience and therefore this collaboration is a natural fit.

HiMedia Group also greatly contributed to the launch of the acclaimed free to play MMORPG Neverwinter thanks to the advertising campaigns done on www.jeuxvideo.com. Jeuxvideo.com is the third biggest editorial videogame websites in the world and the first in Europe. This website reaches 5.8 million UV every month.

To stay competitive in the fast moving online videogame market, it is key for companies to answer the needs of the local markets users. Therefore, the partnership between Perfect World and HiMedia Group will continue to be highly valuable.

To download the press release, click here.

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