Study: "Essential Video Game News" in France and Europe

GfK and the Sell have just published a new study “Essential Video Game News” dedicated to the French and the European video game market. This second edition aims to help explain the particularities of the video game market, how it operates and its development at a time when retail and consumption methods are rapidly evolving.

This study provides an in-deph analysis of the consumers’ behaviours : who is playing on games ? What are they playing? What are their purchasing behaviours?

Here are some key figures to remember:

• Half of the French population now play video games, compared to only 20% in 1990.

• The French video game market generated € 2.7 billion in sales in 2013.

• The practice of playing digital games is more widespread than playing physical games: 33% play online games, 13% play on mobile apps and 27% of gamers play physical games.


• The average age of players is 38 years.

• Women are as likely as men to play video games.


For more information you can download the full report in French or English.

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