Europe : What is the adoption rate of mobile-friendly, responsive design site or mobile app for online retailers?

Idealo has car­ri­ed out an ana­ly­sis of on­line shops* in 6 dif­fe­rent coun­tries. The re­sults in­di­ca­te to what extent the on­line shops are op­ti­mi­sed for mo­bi­le brow­sing on smart­pho­nes and ta­blets, and show how ma­ny re­tailers ha­ve pro­du­ced a mobile app.

UK on­line re­tailers lead the way in mo­bi­le shop­ping

  • In the UK, 86% of the shops in the stu­dy of­fer a mobile-optimized site, or ha­ve a shop­ping app avail­able for down­load.
  • Fran­ce and Spain are not far be­hind the UK with 74% of shops of­fe­ring mo­bi­le shop­ping.
  • In other Eu­ro­pean coun­tries, the re­sults we­re lo­wer, with Ger­ma­ny at 68%, followed by Italy at 50% and Po­land at 46%.


A lar­ge ma­jo­ri­ty of the shops had cho­sen to de­ve­lop a mo­bi­le site, on­ly a few had im­ple­men­ted re­s­pon­sive de­sign.

  • The highest adoption rate of responsive design is in Spain where 18% of online retailers have implement responsive design.


Mobile shopping site adoption is higher than shopping apps

  • The use of mobile shopping applications is the highest in France where 56% of the shops of­fer a shop­ping app. Fran­ce was al­so the on­ly coun­try found to ha­ve top on­line shops of­fe­ring An­dro­id apps wi­thout iOS apps.
  • The UK re­tailers aren’t far be­hind with 52%.
  • The Po­lish shops are par­ti­cu­lar­ly re­ti­cent when it co­mes to app of­fe­rings, with just 10% of shops in the stu­dy crea­ting an app for their mo­bi­le cust­o­m­ers.


*For the stu­dy, the top 50 idea­lo shops from each coun­try we­re ana­ly­sed. The­se we­re de­ter­mi­ned from loo­king at which 50 of the 100 shops with the most clicks on each idea­lo site (,,,, and had the hig­hest na­tio­nal Ale­xa traf­fic ran­kings.

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