Worldwide: 3.25 online purchases/month per Internet user, according to a study by Geometry Global

Geometry Global’s study «Connected Shopper : It’s not e-shopping, it’s just me shopping» offers an unusually rich view of how shoppers are incorporating digital into their shopping habits across a wide variety of categories.

This study conducted in 12 countries across 4 continents, attempts to understand the role that digital plays at every point, and to identify both drivers and barriers to purchase that brand marketers and retailers can affect in order to increase sales.

This study also confirms the importance of digital commerce: on average, internet users make 3.25 online purchases per month and 68% of people across the globe “strongly agree” or “agree” that online shopping will represent an increasing share of their total shopping in the coming years.

3.25 online purchases per month

For more information, you can download the white paper of the study.

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