Mobile market overview in CEE

A new report from Gemius “Consumers go mobile in CEE” takes a closer look at the mobile landscape of CEE region.
The study  reveals that mobile advertising is still far from becoming a mainstream marketing solution in the CEE region, this process has already started and will be continuing due to the increasing usage of mobile devices among internet users.

Mobile traffic in the CEE grew from 3% to 10% in the last two years
The country where internet users are most eager to browse the web on their smartphones and tablets is Croatia where over 20% of page views were made via mobile devices. Above the CEE average are also countries such as Lithuania (18%), Slovakia (17%), Serbia (16%), Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Estonia (14%).

Internet consumption patterns are different on each device type
At weekends, tablets and smartphones enjoy greatest popularity. It is only in the evening that laptop and PC screens attract more users.


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