Higher online transaction value in US but a higher shopping frequency in Europe

According to a recent survey released by the Center for Retail Research (CRR) titled “ Online Retailing in Europe, the U.S. and Canada 2015-2016”,  the US is still the leader in online retailing compared to Europe. With a similar population to the eight countries surveyed, 57.4% of the US public were e-shoppers compared to 46.7% in Europe.

In 2015, in the US, the average value per transaction per shopper is estimated to be $115 compared to $85 in Europe.

However, every online shopper in Europe is expected to buy more often that the US shopper. Indeed, in 2015, the average number of online retail transactions per shopper in Europe is expected to be 17.8, compared to 15.8 in the US.


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