What do multiscreen users ages 16-45 think of video ads ?

A new report from Millward Brown « AdReaction Video 2015 » analyses multiscreen use and behavior among more than 13,500 consumers, ages 16-45, across 42 countries. The findings help marketers understand how, where and why people view video, when consumers are open to advertising and which creative approaches work best on each screen.

The study reveals that now digital screens are as important as TV. Indeed, among multiscreen users ages 16-45, half of video viewing is on TV and half is on digital screens (computer, smartphone, tablet).


The study findings indicate that people are receptive to targeting, but don’t want to be stalked. AdReaction Video found that consumers are most receptive to video ads targeted based on their interests (41% receptive) or preferred brands (40% receptive).
Even though web browsing behavior may drive interest-based targeting, this implies that sensitive application of targeting is likely to work best.


For more details, you can download the full report.

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