Globally, programmatic will account for 50% of display and video ad spend by 2019

Globally, programmatic spend as a share of banner display and video will account for 31% of total display and video spend this year (2015) and will increase to 50% by 2019, according to Magna Global’s programmatic forecasts.


By format, programmatic is still dominated by display. In 2015, display formats will represent 74% of total programmatic spend. By 2019, however, video will account for 55% of total programmatic dollars, up from today’s 26% share.

By device, programmatic is still dominated by desktop formats. However, mobile programmatic is expected to increase rapidly. By 2019, 50% of global programmatic dollars will be spent on mobile, compared to only 28% in 2015.


For more information, you can download the press release.

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