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According to new research by Ambient Insight called « The 2012-2017 Worldwide Game-based Learning and Simulation-based Markets”, worldwide revenues for game-based learning reached $1.5 billion in 2012. The forecast predicts the serious games market (which Ambient calls game-based learning) will increase 49% by 2017 to reach $2.3 billion. Much of the growth will come from apps […]

The CNC has published a study on the use of video games in France. This report confirms the increased use of mobile phone as a gaming platform. In France, the video game industry for mobile phones, estimated at €231.4 million in 2012, is expected to increase by 18.2% in 2013 to reach €273.6 million. This […]

Understand Online Paying Gamers Motivations and Purchase Behavior SuperData Research has conducted a survey in 4 European countries for HiPay in order to understand what motivates the online F2P gamers to pay for items and what their purchase behaviors are. See the results for the French market  here

« The developer Economics 2013 » report published by Visionmobile highlights once again that Freemium becoming an increasingly popular monetization strategy for app providers and it is now used by a quarter of the developers surveyed. In the gaming industry, Freemium is the predominant model. According to Newzoo’s Mobile Games trend report published this month, Free-to-play business […]

According to a recent report issued by comScore titled « State of the market: Mobile gaming in Europe », 14% of mobile gamers in the five biggest European countries made in-game purchases. Almost 80% of those are smartphone users. The most common form of in-game purchases is virtual currency: 46% of mobile games purchasers spend money for […]

According to a recent report released by Forrester Research on November 1, 2012, online paid content revenue in Western Europe is set to grow by 65% between 2012 and 2017 to reach €10.2 billion. The forecast revenues indicate that consumers are becoming more and more willing to pay for online content such as music, games, […]

According to a recent UK survey conducted in July 2011 by YouGov, the Internet is the most important channel for users keen to learn about, research and purchase new game titles. Some of the key findings from this report are highlighted below. At every stage, Internet plays the starring role: 1. To learn about new […]

According to a recent report from comScore on mobile usage for July 2011, 27% of mobile subscribers in Europe* play games on their mobile phone. For the five European countries included in the report, the United Kingdom and Italy take the lead: • 33.7% of British mobile subscribers have played mobile games, • 30.3% of […]

According to Newzoo’s 2011 National Gamers Surveys, the majority of gamers are actively spending money on games, regardless of whichever country they reside in. Germany has the highest proportion of paying gamers at 66%, followed by Mexico (57%), Russia (53%) and the UK (52%). The Netherlands turned out to be the lowest of the countries […]

According to the market research firm DFC Intelligence report titled “Monetizing the European Market for Virtual Currency”* released in March 2011, 88% of European PC gamers have bought digital gaming content in 2010 for an amount totalling €1.7 billion ($2.2 million). Europe’s digital gaming revenue from PC gamers is expected to nearly double between 2010 […]

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