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According to a recent survey by SYNERGISTICS Research entitled « Evaluating the Consumer Payments Market »,  PC bill pay surpasses checks as a bill payment method in the US: Online PC bill payment accounts for 37% of monthly bills paid, vs writing checks to pay bills accounts for only 22% of volume.       For more information, you […]

According to RetailMeNot’s latest forecasts, European online retail sales will increase by 18.4% in 2015 while offline retail sales will register a decrease of 1.4%. European online buyers are expected to spend more per transaction: on average, €61.85 per online transaction(+6% vs 2014). They are expected to make more online transactions: 17.8 online purchases in 2015, an increase of […]

According to Newzoo, the free-to-play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) market will generate $26.3 billion in global sales this year. This business model continues to rise accounting for 70% of the global MMO market in 2015 (vs 67% in 2014), and will reach 75% in 2017. The Asia-Pacific region takes the lead with the highest proportion […]

According to the study « The Digital Consumer’s Journey in Western Europe’s Grocery Market » released by Nielsen, the online grocery markets in the U.K. and France appear to be the most advanced in Western Europe. The share of online grocery in total e-commerce sales is highest in the UK—at 4.4%, followed by France (3.9%) far ahead of  Spain (0.6%), Italy […]

According to Forrester, European online sales during the holiday months of November and December 2014 will generate 35 billion euros, representing 23% of total online sales for the year. The UK continues to lead the market with the highest proportion (25%), followed by Sweden (23%), France (22%), Germany (21%), Italy (21%) and Spain (20%). In addition, sales via […]

According to the results of a study commissioned by RetailMeNot. Inc. and conducted by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), Europe is projected to have 22.3% of online Christmas sales coming from mobile. European online consumers will make 14.7% of their online purchases during this period on smartphones and 7.6% on tablets. This  increasing contribution of […]

Geometry Global’s study «Connected Shopper : It’s not e-shopping, it’s just me shopping» offers an unusually rich view of how shoppers are incorporating digital into their shopping habits across a wide variety of categories. This study conducted in 12 countries across 4 continents, attempts to understand the role that digital plays at every point, and […]

Idealo has car­ri­ed out an ana­ly­sis of on­line shops* in 6 dif­fe­rent coun­tries. The re­sults in­di­ca­te to what extent the on­line shops are op­ti­mi­sed for mo­bi­le brow­sing on smart­pho­nes and ta­blets, and show how ma­ny re­tailers ha­ve pro­du­ced a mobile app. UK on­line re­tailers lead the way in mo­bi­le shop­ping In the UK, 86% of […]

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