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If you’re looking for an overview of the uses of mobile and PC, the Pew Research study released in December reveals some interesting data on a selection of some twenty countries around the world. The report highlights, for instance, among consumers in these countries : • 81% own a mobile phone, • 50% use a […]

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) which conducted the research titled “Going Mobile : How Publishers are Solidifying Strategies and Adapting to the Mobile Market”, most publishers are already focusing on the mobile market or planning to do so soon in an attempt to generate additional revenue. Here are some key findings: To […]

Earlier this month, El Publicista, one of the most important publishing houses in the sector, published issue 232 dedicated to Social Media, a medium which, according to a statement made by Javier Navarro – President of IAB Spain -, “is set to become one of the channels that attracts greatest investment in 2011″. Part of issue […]

Hi-media just announced the rollout of Hi-media Mobile in Europe. Hi-media Mobile offers European advertisers a comprehensive portfolio of mobile advertising and promotion solutions: – A mobile advertising inventory of over 80 million ad impressions1 from a broad portfolio of European mobile sites. Advertisers can opt for a choice of classic or high-impact formats according […]

Hi-media Payments is pleased to announce that a new French mobile payment solution called MPME is now live on the Allopass platform. We are the first to offer this new mobile option in addition to premium SMS. MPME – Micro Payment Mobile Enablers – is a one-shot WAP payment available on all 3 carriers in […]

We’re excited to announce that we’ve established a San Francisco office to bring our Allopass micropayments platform to the North American market. The micropayments space is certainly crowded, but we’ve got more opportunities for merchants than ever before! – We offer a platform that can not only bill to a mobile phone but credit cards, […]

The 2009 Virtual Goods Investment Report has just been released by Engage Digital Media.  The report, compiled by details the investments made in virtual goods related companies in 2009. Interesting facts and figures include: – Above $1.38 billion has been invested in 87 companies last year, which is more than three times the amount […]

Hi-media USA is sponsoring the next Mobile Monday, on January 11 at the super cool W Hotel in San Francisco! Register for free and join us to discuss Virtual Goods & Micropayments on Mobile and Beyond. Panelists, including executives from mobile payment platforms, game publishers and application developers, will discuss how they have successfully generated […]

Welcome to the official blog for Hi-media Payments – the payments division of Hi-media group, which has operated under the Allopass brand for almost a decade. Hi-media is an online media group, content publisher and provider of payment services designed to grow, retain and monetize Internet audiences. Our business model covers the entire media value […]

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